Los Rumberos is the common name of several bands of composer and multi-instrumentalist Petr Smetáček. He founded the first of them in 2004 as his author's "workshop" with the provisional name "Miniband of Petr Smetáček" which was soon renamed to the more appropriate LOS RUMBEROS due to the genre's inclination towards latin-jazz and salsa. The frequently changing cast consisted of around ten musicians, currently this "orchestral" form has eight musicians as a basis (piano+vocal, guitar+vocal, bass, timbales, congas and three trombones). To distinguish it from the other, gradually emerging variants, it received the expanded designation LOS RUMBEROS SALSA ORCHESTRA.

From 2010, he started to found new chamber variants of LOS RUMBEROS. Their basis is the multi-instrumental DUO of Petr Smetáček (piano, vocal, percussion and at one time also trumpet) with Jan Burian (guitar, vocal and percussion), to whom excellent, mainly foreign musicians join to the TRIO or QUARTET, such as Carlo Zegarra Abanto (percussion) or Maria Victoria Calero (flute and percussion).

Thanks to the high variability of both the cast and the wide repertoire, LOS RUMBEROS has become a flexible project suitable for various types of events, be it festivals, club concerts, salsa dance evenings or even company parties. Over the years of their existence, the bands have already performed hundreds of different performances, both in the Czech Republic and abroad (while their most distant places of activity so far have been France and Turkey).

LOS RUMBEROS have achieved a number of successes, including, for example, the first Czech salsa CD ("Afro Cuban Suite", 2010) and two years later, the prestigious publishing house of the Czech Radio, Radioservis, released their 2nd CD ("Los Rumberos Trio", 2012). It is also worth mentioning the considerably successful performing as an opening band for perhaps the most famous Cuban orchestra Buena Vista Social Club in the Prague Congress Center (2014). In addition, the bandleader, Petr Smetáček, created a publication dedicated to the genre in which the bands operate ("Afro-Cuban Music or the Many Flavors of Salsa", Muzikus 2014). He is also dedicated to the promotion of salsa in the form of lectures, educational concerts or the creation of salsa compositions for youths.